Epilepsy is a common neurological condition in which a person has a tendency to have recurring seizures.

Our every thought, feeling or action is controlled by brain cells that communicate with each other through regular electrical impulses. A seizure occurs when sudden uncontrolled bursts of electrical activity disrupt this regular pattern. Communication between cells becomes scrambled and our thoughts, feelings or movements become momentarily confused or uncontrolled.

While seizures can be frightening, in most instances they stop without intervention. Once the seizure is over the person gradually regains control and re-orients themselves to their surroundings, generally without any ill-effects. The majority of people diagnosed with epilepsy will have their seizures controlled with medication.

What We Do

The Epilepsy Foundation provides support for people living with epilepsy and their families to help them live better lives.

Our services include information, advice and support, epilepsy counselling and practical assistance, as well as education and training, research and advocacy on behalf of people with epilepsy. We work to raise awareness of epilepsy in organisations and the broader community to reduce the stigma and create a more welcoming and inclusive society.

We aim to provide relevant, supportive and practical services that make a difference to the lives of people living with epilepsy, in a timely way along each individual’s journey with epilepsy.

Snapshot of Services:

People may seek our services for a wide variety of reasons, and their needs will vary depending on many factors: age and stage of life, individual needs (for example, needs regarding schooling, employment, driving or pregnancy), the unique problems or issues a person may be facing arising from the type of epilepsy they may have (for example, if they are considering undergoing surgery), and their personal goals and aspirations for the future.

Our services include:

  • epilepsy counselling and practical support for individuals and their families or carers
  • the provision of up-to-date information and resources on all aspects of living with epilepsy
  • education and training about epilepsy – for schools, the medical and allied health profession and the wider community advocacy on behalf of groups and individuals with epilepsy
  • social research and policy reform so that we can understand more about epilepsy and changing needs, and improve our services.

To speak with one of our epilepsy counsellors, kindly call the Epilepsy Foundation on 03 88090600 or the National Epilepsy Helpline 1300 852 853.