Your employer or your business can help fundraise, volunteer, provide pro-bono support or gifts in kind for Purple day. This play’s an important role in Purple day helping us to fundraise and run an Epilepsy Awareness campaign while keeping costs low. Fundraising or Volunteering can be brilliant team building activity and also lets Australia and the world know that your company is making a real difference and cares about the wider community.

Register your Purple day Event /Activity now by CLICKING HERE


Selling Purple Day Merchandise is a great way to get involved in Purple Day and help raise funds and awareness for people living with epilepsy. You can order Purple Day merchandise by CLICKING HERE


We have various unique sponsorship opportunities throughout the year, from sponsoring Purple day , Annual Dinner , Fundraising Trips, community events to funding our printed materials and online Marketing. The Foundation will ensure your business benefits in many ways, including increased brand awareness, potential business opportunities and acknowledgement /publicising you commitment to our cause.

Matched Giving

Many Business match the money that their staff have raised for Purple day. For example, If a member of staff raises $500 though purple day event or activity, the company might like to also donate $500.


If your Business were to select Epilepsy Foundation as their charity for the year we would work closely with you to help create a calendar of events for the year involving your staff, customers or clients. We will publicise your fundraising as widely as we can.

WORKPLACE GIVING (Payroll giving)

Going Purple for Purple day and hosting an activity at work is a fun way to promote workplace giving.

Workplace giving is an easy and cost-effective way for your organisation to help support people living with Epilepsy. It’s also a great way to build team morale, and to demonstrate to clients and suppliers that you are committed to Epilepsy Foundation’s work.

Organisations involved in this type of giving typically make a commitment to promote workplace giving to their staff. Many organisations also choose to match the donations made by their employees . Hosting a Purple day activity is one way to promote this.

Once a staff member has indicated they would like to support Epilepsy Foundation through workplace giving, regular donations are automatically deducted from their pre-tax salary via your payroll system. Your staff can decide the amount they would like to donate.

Workplace giving is simple to administer, and gives your employees tax advantages. It can also provide Epilepsy Foundation with a stable stream of support, so it’s a great way to help support our work.

To find out how you can get your organisation involved in workplace giving, please contact us or 1300 437 453


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