Thank you for considering taking individual action for purple day and assisting with our Epilepsy Awareness campaign we have listed  our top 5 way’s you can be involved and support but there are many, many more ways we would love to hear from you on your own suggestion’s. Contact the Purple day team 1300 437 453 or email

Working together we can all raise awareness of epilepsy in organisations and the broader community to reduce the stigma and create a more welcoming and inclusive society.

 Be involved Top 5 Actions you can do today.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

  1. Purchase Purple day merchandise from our shop
  2. Set up online giving/fundraising
  3. Host your own Purple day activity register
  4. Donate
  5. Spread the Word – What is the reason you’re supporting purple day ? If you are comfortable talking about it, let people know, via all your communication channels, talking to friends, neighbours, using social media – asks for shares !, letting local press know about your event, speak to your local  sporting/cultural associations etc. It might strike a chord with someone which creates awareness of all the aspects related to Epilepsy and or encourages a  Donation to the Epilepsy Foundation’s work which supports people living with Epilepsy.


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