Who We Are

The Epilepsy Foundation was founded in May 1964 as The Victorian Bureau for Epilepsy. The organisation was formed so that individuals and families were not alone with their epilepsy.

Our ambition is to stop avoidable deaths from epilepsy, to ensure children get a good education so that people get and keep jobs and so that people feel safe and connected.


Understanding Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a disorder of brain function that involves recurring seizures. About 4% of the population will have a diagnosis of epilepsy at some stage of their life and it presents as unique to every person.


What We Do

The Epilepsy Foundation is committed to reaching, supporting and providing up-to-date information to people living with epilepsy and all those who support them. Currently our services include:
• Information and Resources
• Support Services
• National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Support
• Education and Training
• Peer Support
• Assistance with Epilepsy Management Plan development

Feel free to download our Epilepsy Services Brochure

Right now we can only reach 10% of Australians living with epilepsy and we ask you to assist us in reaching the rest. Please join us to ensure that no one with epilepsy goes it alone.


To speak with an epilepsy support worker, please call the Epilepsy Foundation’s Information Line on 1300 761 487 or the National Epilepsy Helpline 1300 852 853.