It has never been easier to raise money for the Epilepsy Foundation with an online fundraising page through Everyday Hero.

  • Raise more money by creating a personalised online fundraising page with your own photo or video and tell your story about how and why you are trying to raise money.
  • No hassles collecting promised money or issuing receipts because Everyday Hero processes every donation from your sponsors, issues the tax deductible receipt (if applicable) to the donor immediately by email, and pays the money directly into the Not for Profit organisation’s bank account.
  • Ask more people by email. Online fundraising lets you email people all over the world to show them what you are doing and why, and ask for donations. In our experience 30% of people you email WILL donate, so the more emails you send, the more money you will raise!
  • Get instant responses, every time someone donates, we will send you an email telling you so you can say thank you (unless they wish to remain anonymous).
  • Have more fun, by sending personal emails to your friends, family and colleagues and let them leave their message of support.

If you would like some assistance to set up your fundraising page please call or email the Purple Day team and we would be more than happy to help

Phone: 1300 437 453