Purple Day is a great way to get your school or early learning centre involved in increasing awareness of epilepsy.

The Epilepsy Foundation invites your school to participate in Purple Day for Epilepsy. Purple Day is an easy way for your school community to show support for people living with epilepsy.

On any day during March, Epilepsy Awareness Month, you and your school can join other students and teachers from around the world to Go Purple and help raise awareness and vitally needed funds to support those living with epilepsy.

Have a look at our A-Z of Fundraising Ideas below to help you get started, then just click the button to Register your school event with us.

Purple Day Resources

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Schools and Early Learning Centres – epilepsy awareness activities

Educational settings are fantastic environments to begin developing an understanding of and positive attitude towards epilepsy in the community. We have developed a classroom activity book for teachers to use to help promote an understanding of epilepsy in their classroom.

A few great ways to incorporate Purple Day into your school or early learning centre are:

    • Share one of our student or Peer Educator program videos about epilepsy with your students. See more on the Epilepsy Smart Schools website.
    • Run a fundraising activity such as market stalls, purple face painting, sausage sizzles at lunchtime, or raffles. Have a look at our A-Z of Fundraising Ideas for suggestions.

To learn more about the impact of epilepsy on learning and how to support a student living with epilepsy please visit our Epilepsy Smart Schools website.